¿Quien es La Puchi?


a la gran puchica vos

“Somos La Gran Puchica, aqui estamos, como la Gran Puchica!”

The band was formed in August of 2016 in Oakland, CA.  La Gran Puchicas’ sound brings the flavors of many cultures to the stage, drawing from the diaspora of Afro-Indigenous traditions producing a sound that includes but is not limited to: Cumbia, Cumbia Chicha, Rumba, Punk and Classical.

The name La Gran Puchica represents the sound and message of the music. The band derives its name from a colloquial phrase: a la gran puchica vos! “Puchica” is the restrained version of a more vulgar term and this phrase has many uses, from denial to acceptance, from serious to slapstick. By using the proper noun of the phrase, we are essentially taking on the identity as The Grand Puchica, whereby we draw inspiration, She, being our Muse. La Gran Puchica is here to tear down walls and to have a good time doing it. The music follows suit, boldly asserting its place with all original music that will drag you onto the dance floor and with lyrics which hold a double entendre that can be uplifting, or simply, fun.

La Gran Puchica is comprised of Five members:

“Eli”: Eli Reyes, Lead Vocal

“La Mera Mera Maraconera”: Lesli Orozco, Maracones/Percussion

“Loca La Polacka en la Conga”: Jules Anastacia, Conga

“El Oso Peresozo”: Bobby Ganush, Bass Guitar

“El Gallo Cantor”: David de la Gran, Guitar/Vocal.

“El Guira Guero Tambora”: Michael Veremans, Tambora/Percussion.

Introducing, The Puchinas!:

Along with our usual members, we often times bring to the stage a few of our friends. Without them, the band just wouldn’t be here, they are the Puchinas, friends of La Gran Puchica!


“Pato”: Patricia Luna, Llamador

“La Bajista”: Elisa Micco, Bass Guitar

“Pico de Kyle”: Kyle Veremans, Bass Guitar.

“El Senor Limon”: Jerry Limón, Conga.

“El Amigo Jose”: Jose Rivèra, Tambora.

“El Lionheart”: Jhonathan Munoz Angulo, Conga.

“Lautaro”: Gabriel Lautaro, Guacharaca/Percussion.

“El Coyote”: Roberto N., Conga/ Tambor Alegre